About us

As Consultants and Manufacturers we have a thorough understanding of measuring, quoting and manufacturing.

Our manufacturing unit established in 2006 supplies curtains, blinds and soft furnishings for residential and commercial projects of all sizes and our clients include Interior Design professionals, Interior Design Practises, Furniture Retailers, Curtain and Blind Retailers, Architects, and Private Clients.

Maqasa was developed out of a desire to streamline administration and improve our lead-times without costly mistakes. We collaborate with many suppliers on any single project and the distribution of information needs to be accurate. Using the old paper-based processes meant that sharing of information or amendments could potentially mean the final result could be compromised. And it did happen!

Before committing to the time and expense of development we had to be sure the new system would deliver on our requirements and so we scrutinised our processes. How much time did we spend searching for documents or information between departments? How often were changes made to quotes? How many times did we need re-writes or reprints to forms? What were the extra production costs for remakes due to a flawed paper trail? We soon realised that Yes, we could absolutely save a rainforest and bring confidence and harmony to our staff.

We searched for existing software but were unable to find a program that could integrate information from on-site measure through to installation and ensure everyone along the way shared the same data.

Developing Maqasa was the best decision we have made. Productivity and lead-times have improved, profitability is up and we have more time to work on growing our business.

Simone Archer